Silver Teardrops

My Story

My name is Peggy Nichols Lee and I am the  owner and operator of Silver Teardrops.  For many years, jewelry making was my hobby while working full-time, and raising two children with my husband in Auburn, Maine. 

After my husband's death, I turned to jewelry making to combat long, lonely evenings.  In 2009 I decided to try selling jewelry at a few craft shows, and was encouraged by chatting with people who loved my jewelry designs as much as I love making them.  Silver Teardrops was born.  

In 2010, I moved to Portland for a fresh start and to be closer to family.  I've always loved the ocean, and would often walk beaches picking up sea glass that I would incorporate into my jewelry designs.

For several years I continued working full-time in sales, and make jewelry on the side to sell at festivals and craft shows.  But I was drawn to jewelry design, tapping into my creative side that I truly enjoyed, but never had enough time to explore.  In 2013, I said good-bye to my corporate job, and focused all my time and energy on Silver Teardrops.  

My jewelry has changed and evolved over the years, from glass beads, crystals and sea glass, to now working with leather and resin.  I am excited for the future.  



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